My Dog Molly: The Paradox

A girl's discovery about her dog and herself.

A Walk In The Park

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Today me and Molly took a walk in the park with her behavourist, C. Words can’t describe how nice it is to have someone see the potential in your reactive pup so much that she is willing to come for a walk with you once a week to assess your progress and give tips.

We talked a lot about the aggressive methods I was taught and why those haven’t worked with Molly–which helped me understand why we are where we are. And then there was much discussion about me setting more boundaries for her. This one is going to be interesting and tough. First up is getting her kennel trained. I can do it over several weeks but I have to create a safe place for Molly to retreat to when I need her to (i.e. when company comes over). I do have a big plastic kennel but I think I’m going to buy a cage one so she can at least see out easily.

Next, I’m to reduce the amount of space she has access to when I’m not home. Right now Molly has full range of the house when I’m gone. She claimed the sofa in the front early on as it provided a great view of the world out front. I am supposed to reclaim that space–she’s only allowed up when I let her. We’ve got that down pat throughout the rest of the house but that sofa…this one is going to be tricky.

Then, there are her toys. We normally keep her toys in one basket that she has access to. I’m supposed to move that basket up high. She’s only allowed access to her toys as a treat, not when she feels like playing.

This will be hard for me…I mean…how do you say no to this face?


It’s all for the good though. And I feel good about this process.

Starting next week, we introduce Molly to one of C.’s boxers and begin socialization. Exciting! 


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